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4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Joao Canoquena said

    How much would you charge to contact a feasibility study in Angola on the introduction of your technology in that country? The study would cover an area of under 300 square km and would respond the following questions:
    1) given the traffic (often chaotic) and social circumstances (no previous experience with parking meters, high levels of thefth) in Luanda, the capital city of Angola, what kind of traffic light system is appropriate for the capital city?
    2)how long would it take to install the right traffic lights?
    3) what maintenance would be required?
    4) as Luanda experiences constant black outs, what sort of design consideration would there be for the traffic lights for Luanda?
    5) what impact on both the local government and the traffic light users could be expected from the implementation of your system?
    6) can the system be installed and maintained cost effectively?

    Please, it is important to have an estimate of costs for the study at this point.

  2. Marv Goodman said

    A Novel Cleantech Opportunity

    A novel clean-technology that turns post-consumer latex paint wastes into saleable, profitable and much in demand products is now ready for commercialization. Developed at Rutgers University and under exclusive, worldwide, license agreement, Re-Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (RMT) is seeking investors who are interested in bringing the technology that resolves the $567 million annual U. S. problem to market.

    The technology blends post-consumer latex paint waste with recycled HDPE (plastic milk containers) or PMMA (Plexiglas) to produce quality in-demand blended thermoplastic polymer and engineered plastic resin pellets which are in turn sold to injection or blow molders to create much in new products. This technology transforms a costly solid waste problem into an environmentally preferable and profitable solution.

    To learn more about this exciting technology and investment opportunities in Re-Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., contact Marv Goodman president of Re-Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., at or 732.309.2022.

  3. Dear Sirs,

    We have in Brazil an area with 3 millions tons of zinc concentrate pre-processed which seems that 10% of zinc shg (0.99 ).
    We need a solution to eliminate this poor zinc concentration.
    For yr guidance, its storage in open area and causin serious health problems for the people that leaves around the area.
    As you know, zinc concentrate contains all series of heavy metals including, cadmium and arsenium.
    Our big problem now is cadmium contamination,among othres, as it seems that the fishermans that lives in the area are contaminated.
    For this reason, we are looking for your suport to solve this big environmental problem in Rio de janeiro, Brazil.
    Awaiting yr reply,
    Roberto Nóbrega and Luiz F. Duarte
    55 24 88030454
    55 24 92365105

  4. Bruce Penn said

    Recently I produced a series of 16 cartoons about Gunns proposal for a pulp mill in Tasmania. Please feel free to publish any of these and/or link to them from your website.



    Bruce Penn
    Tamar Valley
    03 6334 0382

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