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Federal plan: CO2 dumps and nuclear power to dominate future Australia carbon credit market

Posted by gmarkets on 10 October, 2007

The project by South Australian company Santos to capture and safely store carbon dioxide deep underground as the Cooper Basin oil and gas reservoirs reached the end of their useful life had the potential to store up to 20 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum and up to one billion tones over its lifetime, South Australia’s Senator Simon Birmingham said in the Commonwealth Senate on 20 September 2007.

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525 watt solar tracking system pumps water from bore 49 metres deep and delivers it uphill in a 110 metre vertical lift at 800 litres per hour

Posted by gmarkets on 5 October, 2007

When Goomburra district beef cattle producer Syd Telford glances at the sun wending its way across the Darling Downs skies he can rest assured it’s working for him to provide a reliable supply of stock water, according to Queensland Country Life (19/7/2007, p. 28). Read the rest of this entry »

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Artificial photosynthesis, which does not require direct sunlight: Defence Dept to replace lithium batteries

Posted by gmarkets on 4 October, 2007

Soldiers could soon be recharging their radios, sensors and night vision goggles with high-tech solar panels as the army sought an edge on the battlefield by reducing its reliance on disposable batteries, wrote Paul Bibby in The Sydney Morning Herald (25/9/2007, p.5). Read the rest of this entry »

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Howard ignores explicit advice of hand-picked task group on power gen; wind has cost advantage, therefore soaks up most of energy subsidy plan

Posted by gmarkets on 4 October, 2007

A 2004 government estimate that encouraging 10 per cent of power generation by 2020 to come from clean energy sources would cost $23 billion has been either ignored or quietly put to one side, according to an editorial in The Australian (25/9/2007, p.15). Read the rest of this entry »

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