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‘Yellowcake John’ aiding BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto: emulating Pig Iron Bob in dying days of his prime ministership, argues Milne

Posted by gmarkets on 2 October, 2007

Christine Milne, Senator for Tasmania, Australian Greens, speaking to the Commonwealth Senate, 17 September 2007 about the uranium deal with Russian said “the naivety that has been demonstrated by the government is reminiscent of former Prime Minister of Australia – Pig Iron Bob — whom Prime Minister Howard wishes to emulate — who in 1938-39, when the waterside workers tried to ban the export of pig-iron to Japan, overrode that.”

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Global Nuclear Energy Partnership a potential nuclear suppliers cartel; IAEA proposals for multilateral fuel supply system may falter on participants’ NIMBY attitude toward nuke waste dumps

Posted by gmarkets on 28 September, 2007

Michael Richardson – a former Asia editor of the International Herald Tribune, and a security specialist at the Institute of South-East Asian Studies in Singapore – wrote in The Canberra Times,, (25/9/2007, p.17), “France had echoed earlier warnings from the United States and Israel that if negotiations with Iran over its controversial nuclear program failed, military action might follow. Read the rest of this entry »

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Death rates from leukaemia for children up to 9yrs of age between 5-24pc higher depending on proximity to nuclear facilities, warns Democrats leader

Posted by gmarkets on 22 September, 2007

The Medical University of South Carolina conducted a sophisticated meta-analysis of 17 research papers covering 136 nuclear sites throughout the Western World and found strong links to cancer with proximity to nuclear facilities, said Federal Senator Lyn Allison (Victoria), leader of the Australian Democrats (11/9/2007).

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Russia has its own uranium; 700 tonnes of highly enriched uranium which was extracted from the nuclear weapons that it dismantled in the 1990s

Posted by gmarkets on 22 September, 2007

The Democrats supported the terms of reference put forward to examine Australia’s deal with Russia, Democrats Senator Lynn Allison told the Federal Senate on 17 September 2007. But she said she did not think that the parliamentary oversight which Senator Payne had suggested will be provided through the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties was adequate.

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Australian government plan – carbon tax of $22.35 per tonne of CO2 and five 1,500 MW nuclear power plants by 2020

Posted by gmarkets on 15 September, 2007

An Australian Federal government nuclear agency chief, said “Looking at a positive decision to proceed with nuclear power in the near term, introduction of a fleet of five 1,500 MWe power plants by 2020 would achieve a position where nuclear power would be able to contribute 17 per cent of Australia’s projected electricity demand, thereby avoiding emission of 50 million tonnes of CO2”. That was the view of the ANSTO submission to the Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW.

ABARE report looks at nuclear option: No detailed studies had been undertaken of the overall economic impact of introducing this amount of nuclear power into Australia. The Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) had recently published a report on the economic impact of climate change policy, covering some scenarios that include a limited amount of nuclear power.

Salvage GDP loss of $1.2m by going nuclear: ABARE considers the introduction of a single nuclear power plant delivering 4 TWeh per annum from 2020, rising to 17 TWeh in 2050. (This corresponds to an installed power of 390 MWe rising to 1,650 MWe). The analysis assumes no sharing of risk with government or other stakeholders, but does assume a carbon tax of $22.35 per tonne of CO2 when nuclear power commences in 2020 (in 2005 Australian dollars). The overall findings of the study relate to the decrease in gross domestic product resulting from early action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, for its final scenario, the report notes that the ability to use nuclear power at the levels indicated would moderate potential loss of GDP by $1.2 million.

Reference: The Nuclear Power Alternative For NSW, ANSTO Submission, Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, Dr Ian Smith, Executive Director, June 2007. Contact: Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, New Illawarra Road, Lucas heights (PMB 1, Menai NSW 2234) Phone: +61 2 9717 3702 Fax: +61 2 9543 6907 Website:

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