Green Markets

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Green Markets – Change Notice

Green Markets – a weekly round-up of news and data relating to the Australian emission industry, was first published since 1996; first as hard copy news letter and later, as a pdf newsletter

New approach: In its latest form (from 17 September 2007), it comes to subscribers, in three ways:

• daily “reminder” headline summary, with links to the site;

• for those who prefer the weekly format, a weekly pdf (of all head lines) also goes to subscribers. This is sent Mondays. (Subscribers may opt in or out of the daily and weekly pdfs).

At this stage, these pdfs are free to distribute, or to post on intranets, but copyright of content remains with EWN Publishing.

The site – to start with – works as an open format.

EWN will apply a password system, soon. This may provide some free access; and subscriber access for higher use. We have not yet decided on the access method.

Print format: One of the site categories is “Volume Number”, so those who want to print a copy can do so in volume sets. To do this, put the volume number in the search window, or go to Categories on the left.

A new weekly edition starts Mondays, (and is made up of five daily sets).   The site is updated daily and the Volumes are weekly. We have yet to decide how to number the daily subsets.

Graphs, cartoons and maps: You will start to see these soon, on the site as the editorial team skills-up.

More information: Laurel 61 2 9818 8877

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