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Coal industry funding clean-coal technology with $600 million levy; incoming federal government support needed

Posted by gmarkets on 17 October, 2007

In May, Australia’s black-coal industry recast a voluntary COAL21 Fund levy to raise in the order of $1 billion over the next 10 years with the aim of making affordable, low emission coal-fired electricity generation a reality, wrote Michael Roche, in The Courier Mail (9/10/2007, p. 61).

Coal industry’s commit­ment: The coal industry had undertaken to direct the Queensland share of the COAL21 levy — about $600 million — to local low-emission technology projects. The allocation of that $600 million — together with a taxpayer commitment of $300 million — was being overseen by the Queensland Clean Coal Council, chaired by Premier Anna Bligh and including Mines and Energy Minister Geoff Wilson, coal industry leaders and senior representa­tives of the research sector.

Roadmap top priority: The council’s top priority was to draw up a roadmap for clean-coal technology development and the assessment of individ­ual projects. Australia needed a strong clean-coal research and development capability to complement and support demonstration and deployment efforts and they saw no better focus for that effort than Bris­bane.

Government support requested: Queensland Resources Council was calling on the incoming federal govern­ment to support the establish­ment of a National Clean Coal Research Centre, utilising the adjoining facilities and excep­tional expertise of the Queens­land Centre for Advanced Technologies, and the Centres for Low Emission Technology and Coal in Sustainable Devel­opment.

The Courier Mail, 9/10/2007, p. 61

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