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Carbon offset schemes should be formally accredited to allow consumer confidence

Posted by gmarkets on 17 October, 2007

Carbon offset schemes should be formally accredited, according to tourism lobby group Tourism and Transport Forum, wrote Melissa Ketchell in The Courier Mail (8/10/2007, p.33).

Transparency vital for credibility: Airlines, accommodation providers and resorts had been among dozens of businesses to announce schemes in a bid to calm tourist guilt about travel. But TTF managing director Christopher Brown had said trans­parency was vital if the schemes were to maintain credibility. He had called for a mandatory scheme of accreditation to give consumers confidence that the carbon offset schemes were delivering on their prom­ises.

Monies going into approved projects: Some major companies al­ready explained how their carbon offset monies were spent. Virgin Blue’s program saw money going towards the Aust­ralian Greenhouse Office’s ap­proved greenhouse friendly abatement projects. It included an agreement with a company that traded carbon credits from the com­bustion of landfill gas. Jetstar also put money from its carbon offset program into AGO-approved projects. Within a week of launching in late September it had found one in 10 passengers was choosing to offset carbon emissions.

The Courier Mail, 8/10/2007, p. 33

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