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Minister says processes being put in place to verify source of logs sold from state forests, FPC share farms and state-owned plantations

Posted by gmarkets on 12 October, 2007

In response to questions from Paul Llewellyn MP (Greens Party) in the Western Australian Legislative Council on 5 September 2007 about the Forest Products Commission’s sale of logs from state forests, FPC share farms and state-owned plantations, Kimberley Chance MP (Minister for Forestry, Labor Party) said it was not possible at this time to give an assurance that illegally harvested logs were not finding their way to mill landings.

Better processes being put in place: Chance stated that all forest products of various types, including log timber, sold by the Forest Products Commission were accounted for under what was known as the delivery note system, as required by and detailed in the Forest Management Regulations 1993. He had encouraged the FPC to put in place processes that could provide greater guarantees of integrity than were currently possible. They included granting FPC and Department of Environment and Conservation officers cross-authorisation powers to police logs from both state forests and private property on mill landings; and the employment of an FPC standards officer to monitor log grading and regulation enforcement. Those two components had been carried out. The FPC was also investigating the potential for the reintroduction of hammer branding of state-sourced sawlogs to enable better identification.

Reference: Paul Vincent Llewellyn, Australian Greens, Legislative Council, Western Australia; Kimberley Maurice Chance, Minister for Forestry, Australian Labor Party, Legislative Council, Western Australia, 5 September 2007: on Forest Products Commission – Sale of Logs

Erisk Net, 5/9/2007

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