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WA landowners face charges for alleged illegal land clearing of more than 470ha of bush

Posted by gmarkets on 11 October, 2007

Three Western Australian landowners faced charges for alleged illegal land clear­ing of more than 470ha of bush, reported Farm Weekly, (27/9/2007, p.15).

Environmental eye in the sky: A Badgingarra man had been charged for allegedly defying a notice which prohib­ited his native vegetation clearing proposal. Also, a Neergabby couple had been charged for an alleged unauthorised clearing of native vegetation. The Department of Environment and Conservation said satellite imagery confirmed the man had cleared an estimated 450 hectares of native vegetation on his Badgingarra property, 150km north of Perth, between November 12, 2003 and January 11, 2005.

Notification allegedly ignored: The clearing occurred after the man was notified that his proposed work had not been approved, the department says. The man contravened sec­tions 47(4) and 99Q of the 1986 Environmental Protection Act, for which the maximum penalty is $125,000, the department says. He would appear at Moora Magistrates Court on Wednesday and a notice pre­venting more clearing on the property had also been served.

Above permitted limit: The department also alleged that imagery confirmed that about 24ha of native vegeta­tion had been cleared from a Neergabby property, near Guilderton, between December 20, 2005 and February 12, 2006. The clearing happened when an appeal against a per­mit’s granting was being con­sidered by the appeals convenor. A permit issued on July 27, 2006 allowed for only 17ha of bush be knocked down. The couple had been charged with clearing of native vegetation without authorisation, contrary to Sections 51C and 99Q of the Act. The maximum fine is $250,000 and the couple will appear at the Midland Magistrates Court today.

Farm Weekly, 27/9/2007, p. 15

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