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SA Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Bill “worse than current Act”, would push more costs on to local government, says Dems MLC

Posted by gmarkets on 11 October, 2007

With regard to the Development (Regulated Trees) Amendment Bill, Sandra Kanck MP (Australian Democrats) said she had consulted with a number of groups and what had eventuated out of the meetings was a determination that the bill was far worse than the current Act.

Numerous groups concerned about bill: Kanck had met with members of the Conservation Council, the National Trust, the South Australian Society of Arboriculture, the Save Our Suburbs Nature Conservation Society, the Belair Residents Association, and the Local Government Arboricultural Officers Group, all of whom expressed concerns about the bill. She had also received an email from the Local Government Association expressing its concerns, particularly about how much was left to regulation. The Local Government Association was also seeking an amendment to clause 6.

Costs pushed on to local government: A further concern was that so much of the current bill would be pushing more costs on to local government. Despite various amendments, Kanck’s position was that it was better that this bill be defeated. However, she had put up amendments in the event that the opposition decided in the end that it would support the bill.

Reference: Sandra Kanck, MLC, Australian Democrats, Legislative Council, South Australia, 11 September 2007.

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