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Dry earth worse than dry skin: Greens book ads in fashion maga­zine in bid to lure new voters

Posted by gmarkets on 10 October, 2007

The Australian Greens were booking ads in fashion, science and gardening maga­zines in a bid to lure new voters, wrote Simon Canning in The Australian (4/10/2007, p.34).

‘Fashion bible’ spreads message: The party, whose preferences could prove pivotal in several marginal seats and which was fighting to hold the balance of power in the Senate, has taken space in fashion bible Marie Claire. The magazine, not known for attracting political advertising, was the message bearer for the Greens’ climate change campaign. The ad read like a traditional moisturiser advertisement, opening with the question “Dry, cracked, de­hydrated …” sitting above an image of a parched-looking planet Earth.

Educated greenies: Senator Nettle said science and gardening magazines would also be included on the media schedule on the basis of the research: “Looking at informa­tion about who reads what magazines, Marie Claire comes up top of the list in terms of the Green voter and potential Green voter. Of the women’s magazines, the level of education that readers have is quite high in Marie Claire and that correlates with the Green vote.”

The Australian, 4/10/2007, p. 34

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