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Money from heaven: NSW Government to subsidise its very own Delta Energy, and pay CSIRO, to build CO2 dump for Munmorah with ammonia absorption

Posted by gmarkets on 9 October, 2007

According to Marian Wilkinson, in The Australian, (27/7/2007, p.7), a NSW Munmorah CO2 dump plan to using ammonia absorption to strip CO2 from coal pollution was an initiative of the state-owned power generator, Delta Energy, and the CSIRO. The owner of the plant – the NSW Government hoped it could advance to a demonstration plant by 2008.

Four sites to pump high-pressure CO2 down: As part of the project, the State Government had four studies into potential carbon dioxide storage sites around NSW. These included a study in the Darling Basin jointly funded with the state-owned power generators.

NSW government likes CO2 dumps: NSW Minister Macdonald said the lemma Government was committed to clean coal technology and the project “will play a crucial role” in pioneering the way to the larger demonstration project.

Let me throw free money at you: However, the demonstration project will not be feasible until at least 2013. Its commercial viability would not be known until much later. The idea behind the project is to capture 80 per cent of carbon emissions from the coal-fired pilot plant using an ammonia absorption technology.

High pressure pollution pumped underground: “This would eventually lead to carbon emissions being pumped into rock formations deep under­ground in NSW. The process is generally know as “carbon capture and sequestration” or clean coal technology. Or a CO2 waste dump.

The Australian, 27/7/2007, p. 7

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