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Loose thresholds for greenhouse and energy reporting in Bill: just 20pc of currently reporting facilities caught in Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Bill

Posted by gmarkets on 8 October, 2007

All state governments represented at hearings on the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Bill 2007 perceived the original clause 5 as unreasonable, leaving their responsibility to implement their own legislation, policy and locally based climate change programs to the discretion, essentially, of a Commonwealth government minister, said South Australia’s Senator Dana Wortley in the Commonwealth Senate on 20 September 2007.

Compromise on duplication: Wortley said a significant number of submissions sought the deletion of the clause entirely. Professor Williams suggested an alternative formulation of the clause that would exclude state and territory laws only if and when they fell within the ambit of the regulations to be made under they duplicated reporting made under the proposed scheme. Labor members of the committee agreed with the committee’s recommendation that Clause 5 be redrafted to this effect, Wortley said.

Thresholds too low: Another major issue was that the thresholds for greenhouse and energy reporting were, in the view of Labor members and some other witnesses, loose in the Bill. One submission noted that under the proposed threshold, only approximately 20 per cent of the facilities which currently report under the National Pollutant Inventory would be required to report under the proposed Act.

Insufficient information: Wortley said Labor was also concerned that it was proposed the maintenance and dissemination of information would, at the basic level of public disclosure, comprise a single aggregated total of emissions in carbon dioxide minus energy. Meanwhile, only total energy produced and consumed would be made available for public disclosure.

Reference: Dana Wortley, Senator for South Australia, Australia Labor Party, Senate Hansard, Commonwealth of Australia, 20 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 7/10/2007

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