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Innovative traffic light requires only 42 volts, compared with the traditional traffic light of 240v; potential for $150m market

Posted by gmarkets on 8 October, 2007

For Solux, a young and innovative traffic light company, the future promises a big green for “Go”, reported The Mercury (6/10/2007, p. M3). Lower voltage, lower emissions: Solux had made a major impact already at state and national levels, which further down the road was likely to see it involved in lucrative overseas markets, according to the newspaper. Its lights were developed by two engineers in a North Hobart workshop over the past two years. The product they developed required only 42 volts, compared with the traditional traffic light of 240. On top of that it greatly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Large and growing domestic market: Engineer Mike Austin, 37, one of Solux’s two founders, believed its potential market is huge. “We knew we were on to something but we needed some help as to the best way to go about it,” says Austin. “So we sat down with the people from the [Tasmanian] Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources and they helped make our plan become a reality. At present we’ve got about 600,000 individual traffic signal lamps in service in Australia and this is growing at a rate of about 3 per cent per annum.” It added up to a potential market of about $150 million for replacing the existing traffic lamp infrastructure and about $5 million a year on new intersections, he said.

The Mercury, 6/10/2007, p. M3

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