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Dutch-based sustainability bank Triodos targets Australia as its next big market; seeks strategic alliance partners

Posted by gmarkets on 8 October, 2007

Leon Gettler, wrote in The Age, (4/10/2007), p. B3, Dutch-based sustainability bank Triodos, which invested in projects offering social and environmental value, was to target Australia as its next big market. Looking for a home for green money: Peter Blom, chairman and chief executive of the executive board of Triodos, and Bas Ruter, managing director of its funds management division – in Australia for the past week had checked out banks as potential distribution and strategic alliance partners. “What I.T. was, 10 years ago, is now sustainability,” said Blom.

Come to mummy, little chicken: Triodos’ funds totaled;

• €3 billion ($A4.8 billion); and products included;

• a European renewables fund;

• a large-cap equity fund;

• a bond fund and a thematic sustainability fund.

Loans to loans to charities, com­munity groups, social businesses: Its business banking division provides loans to charities, com­munity groups, social businesses and environmental initiatives such as wind farms, and other businesses such as organic food and fair trade organisations.

Triodos manages venture capital funds: In its investment banking business, Triodos manages venture capital funds to invest in social and environmental enterprises across Europe.

Whats out:

Makes money out of good works: Its returns were in line with the Morgan Stanley Capital International World Index.

The Age, 4/10/2007, p. B3


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