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Air fares to rise: flights to or from Europe to be included in the ETS from 2012, replacing current voluntary payments of around $75

Posted by gmarkets on 8 October, 2007

Climate change costs will make travel to Australia more expensive, wrote Peter Forsyth in The Age (4/10/07, p. B7). Voluntary contribution to carbon neutrality: Some airlines had intro­duced voluntary carbon offset schemes that were available to their customers. By paying extra, passengers contributed to a carbon offset scheme that enabled their flight to be carbon neutral. Taking out the offset option on a British Airways return flight to Australia would add about $75 to the cost of the flight — about $2000.

Aviation to be included in ETS: In the medium term, it was likely that international aviation would be included in an economy-wide, government-run scheme — in Australia, the proposed emissions trading scheme (ETS). In Europe, flights to or from Europe were to be included in the ETS from 2012. This would lead to a price for carbon that airlines would have to pay. If aviation was covered by a general scheme, there was no particular merit in additional aviation-specific measures such as special taxes or restrictions on travel, Forsyth wrote.

The Age, 4/10/2007, p. B7


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