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Vox pop: Basic physics ignored in Vic desal idea; needs 300MW base-load power plant to get water to Melbourne

Posted by gmarkets on 4 October, 2007

To desalinate 150 gigalitres of salt water and pump 150 million tonnes of fresh water from Wonthaggi to the Cardinia Reservoir was going to require a 300-megawatt base-load power plant, wrote Geoff Croker of Ashwood in a letter to The Age (26/9/2007, p.B4).

Why water’s cheap: “That’s equivalent to using all of Australia’s current wind farms. To pump this water to Ballarat, Bendigo, Traralgon and Geelong would require wind turbines over an area equivalent to metropolitan Melbourne. Our existing nine reservoirs work mostly by gravity. That’s why water in Melbourne is cheap. Now I know John Brumby and Ted Baillieu seem to be ignorant of year 11 physics (and by implication cast aspersions on Melbourne Grammar’s ability to teach physics).

Silly Grammar boys: “You would think their engineers would have advised them about the foolishness of the proposition of a desalination plant to supply drinking water for Melbourne. But perhaps the proposed financier went to Melbourne Grammar and physics is irrelevant,” Croker added.

The Age, 26/9/2007, p. B14

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