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In 2007-08 spending on Emergency Services NSW will reach a record $831 million, an increase of almost 9 per cent

Posted by gmarkets on 3 October, 2007

Treasurer and Minister for the Hunter Michael Costa said in the NSW Legislative Assembly on 18/6/07 that the devastating floods in the Hunter and the Central Coast were a grim reminder of how much we relied on our emergency services in times of natural disaster and other major emergencies.

Emergency Services $831m spent in 2007-08 projected: In 2007-08 spending on Emergency Services would reach a record $831 million, an increase of almost 9 per cent. This included a record $51.5 million for the State Emergency Service, including more than $540,000 for 20 new floodboats and $800,000 to provide safe, reliable vehicles for our State Emergency Service volunteers.

What the Climate Change fund includes: The $310 million Climate Change Fund brought together and extended a number of existing water, energy and greenhouse related funds. The Fund included:

• a $100 million rebate fund for households purchasing water and energy efficient appliances;

• a $100 million Recycling and Stormwater Harvesting Program to assist the private sector to complete the Sydney recycled water grid;

• a $30 million Public Facilities Fund to help schools, hospitals, libraries and other community facilities save energy and water;

• a $20 million Energy Efficient Schools Program to install efficient lighting and provide grants of up to $25,000 for projects like solar power; and

• a $20 million program to install a rain water tank in every New South Wales Government school for general, non-drinking uses and to assist with other water efficiency related capital works.

Help to needy rural communities: Over the last five years the New South Wales Government had committed $325 million to assist farming communities to cope with the impact of the devastating drought. The Government remained committed to assisting rural communities in need.

Reference: Michael Costa, Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure, and Minister for the Hunter, Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, 19 June 2007

Erisk Net, 24/7/2007

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