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Ethanol-blended petrol on sale in Tas for first time: LRP to be phased-out

Posted by gmarkets on 3 October, 2007

Ethanol-blended petrol went on sale in Tasmanian service stations for the first time in late July, reported The Mercury (28/7/2007, p.5).

Cheaper and greener: The new fuel was available from selected United Petroleum retail outlets in Hobart, and was expected to be rolled out in the north in two weeks. United Petroleum general manager David Szymczak said the introduction of two ethanol enhanced blends – Boost 98 and Plus ULP – was a chance for Tasmanians to save money while buying a greener and better performing fuel. Plus ULP was retailing at the United outlet for 126.2 cents per litre, compared with 128.2 for regular unleaded.

Widely-used fuel: Ethanol has been used in petrol in North and South America for more than 20 years, and it was being increasingly used in Europe and Asia. It was already used in every mainland state except Western Australia, and the Liberal Opposition and RACT led a push last year for it to be introduced to Tasmania. State Opposition leader Will Hodgman said the introduction of cheaper fuel would be particularly welcome in light of the State Government’s Budget decision to axe the 2c a litre petrol subsidy. Boost 98 and Plus ULP would replace Lead Replacement Petrol (LRP), which was being phased out.

Old cars need additive: Motorists could switch between the new ethanol blends and other grades of petrol, but cars made before 1986 may require a lead substitute additive to use the ethanol blends.

The Mercury, 28/7/2007, p. 5

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