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Tas’s Kingborough Council inaugural energy challenge fails to produce real drop in energy consumption; but a useful exercise anyway, says Mayor

Posted by gmarkets on 2 October, 2007

A cold and damp weekend stopped Kingborough Council’s inaugural energy challenge achieving its objective, reported The Mercury (14/8/2007, p.7).

No energy-use reduction: The challenge, during the first weekend of August, failed to produce any significant drop in energy consumption. This was probably not surprising considering Aurora Energy said about 50 per cent of an average home’s energy was used for heating and 25 per cent hot water. But Mayor Graham Bury said the challenge was highly successful in raising awareness of simple things people could do to make a positive difference to the environment.

But a good exercise: “I hope it has stimulated many people to think of the benefits of conserving energy, both from a personal cost perspective and in reducing greenhouse gas emissions more generally,” Counciller Bury said. “Good energy habits can also make a difference in your household budget.”

The Mercury, 14/8/2007, p. 7

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