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40pc of Aus homes lack ceiling insulation: wasting energy, producing emissions, says ICANZ

Posted by gmarkets on 2 October, 2007

The Insulation Council of Australia & New Zealand (ICANZ) welcomed the announcement by the ALP of a $300 million energy efficiency package for Australian households, said Dennis D’Arcy, ICANZ president.

Vital insulation: D’Arcy said that there were enormous economic, environmental and social benefits to be gained through demand-side solutions to the challenge of climate change, and improving the extent of insulation across Australia’s housing stock was the most important. “According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, almost 40 per cent of Australian homes do not have ceiling insulation. These homes, many of them rental properties, waste energy and produce enormous quantities of unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions. Installing effective insulation into uninsulated homes creates substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions now, not in ten years or more,” D’Arcy said.

New UN report: A recent major report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) focused on the substantial and immediate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that can be achieved at low cost by improving the energy efficiency of buildings, particularly homes. “The UNEP report highlighted the fact that greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector accounts for 30-40 per cent of global energy use, and that substantial benefits can be gained at low cost by improving the energy efficiency of buildings. ”

Aus rather hopeless on housing: “Here in Australia this is particularly relevant because we have among the least energy efficient housing stock in the developed world,” D’Arcy added.

Reference: The UNEP Report Buildings and Climate Change: Status, Challenges and Opportunities can be downloaded from the web page

Erisk Net, 29/4/2007

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