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Energy Minister offers Queensland blackout free summers: Energex big brother plan to control robot aircon; and gen contracts ready for demand-spikes

Posted by gmarkets on 28 September, 2007

Energy Minister Geoff Wilson claims Queensland will survive the summer without a drought-inspired blackout or load shedding. Wilson said a taskforce and a separate independent review had found electricity supply would be secure this summer. “The advice from the taskforce is there will be secure supplies for this summer,’ reported The Courier Mail, 21/9/2007, p. 11.

Surplus on standby: Queensland also has a surplus of generating capacity in standby mode to cope with unexpected demand or outages, he said.

Big brother plan for robot aircon: Energex was trialling a system that could save taxpayers as much as $500 million. The trial will test a system in which a device is fitted to home air-conditioners that will allow Energex to shut down the cooling operation for a short period while the fans continue to operate. Some hot water systems work in a similar way. “The device makes a slight change to the thermostat cycling of the air conditioner. Basically, it reduces the amount of electricity the system uses without affecting its ability to cool the home,’ Wilson said. He said if successful the system could potentially save the state from building another generator at a cost of $500 million.

The Courier Mail, 21/9/2007, p. 11


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