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Hydrocarbon refrigerants as alternative to enviro-harmful HFCR134: easier, reliable and safer, says Westnet

Posted by gmarkets on 27 September, 2007

Westnet representatives Neil Wiese and David Knight have added to the impetus of their education campaign by partnering with GreenFreeze Technology, a company that was committed to good environmental and commercially economically sustainable practices, according to a company statement (29/8/2007).

Educating farmers: They were continuing to educate farmers on their own farms with the benefits and use of user-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants as an alternative to the environmentally harmful HFC RI34, a refrigerant currently in use in vehicles, farm and mining equipment, etc. According to Neil, the average refrigerant charge, in an average size combine harvester, had a global warming potential equivalent to 3000kg of carbon dioxide emissions. That same machine’s air-conditioner, converted to hydrocarbons only, had a Global Warming Potential (GWP) equivalent to 2.6kg of carbon dioxide emissions – a clear case for using hydrocarbon refrigerant, said Neil.

List of benefits: Wiese said the benefits of using hydrocarbon refrigerants included:

  • high performance and reliability;
  • safer than chemical refrigerants;
  • no leakage through compressor seals every six months;
  • environmentally benign;
  • user-friendly;
  • performed well on hot days and didn’t give up on over-40C days;
  • easy and safe to service yourself; and
  • no modifications to your equipment was required to change to hydrocarbons.

Contact: 1300 660 876. Fax: 1300 340 982. Email:

Erisk Net, 29/8/2007


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