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Australian Climate Exchange: starts trade in NGACs for methane from municipal landfill

Posted by gmarkets on 27 September, 2007

The Australian Climate Exchange (ACX) had opened trade for New South Wales Greenhouse Gas Abatement Certificates (NGACs) from the the NSW Government’s Greenhouse Gas Abatement Scheme (GGAS) – the world’s first mandatory emissions-trading scheme, reported The Advertiser (1/9/2007, p.86). First NGAC: ACX managing director Tim Hanlin said the first NGAC on the exchange comes from electricity generated from methane from municipal landfill and is ac­credited under NSW GGAS. To date, all units traded on the Melbourne-based exchange have been voluntary emission re­duction commodities. King said VERs had been trading steadily on small vol­umes of 100 to 200 tonnes a day, while there had been bids only for NGACs so far.

The Advertiser, 1/9/2007, p. 86


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