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Mirvac’s NSW Vision Estate pays 10pc less for GridX Power electricity; and cuts CO2 by 33 per cent

Posted by gmarkets on 26 September, 2007

Mirvac’s Vision Estate was the first in the world to use the GridX Power electricity, hot water and air conditioning from natural gas. Greg Paramor, Managing Director of Mirvac, said “The environmental benefits of using GridX tri-generation include an immediate 33pc reduction in greenhouse gasses compared to coal-fired generation, increased efficiency in transmission and in thermal energy use,” Paramor said. “For every home using GridX Power we reduce greenhouse gasses – with these 16 homes and another 200 contracted in stage 11 of this estate Paramor said. How it works: Colin Chambers, CEO, GridX Power said gas-powered generators situated on-site to supplied electricity and captured the by-product of generation, hot and cold water for heating and cooling purposes, such as air-conditioning. In contrast to the expected electricity cost increases of 26pc over three years in NSW, residents at Vision pay 10pc less for electricity as a result of the efficiencies gained. GridX projects were BASIX and Energy Star compliant and the company generates NSW Greenhouse Abatement Certificates (NGACs) that benefit partner utilities,” said Chambers.

Reference: GridX Power: Ms Gina Kelly, ph: 0431 925 731, website:; Mirac: Ms Kate Lander, ph: 0439 770 390, website:

Erisk Net, 12/4/2007

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