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Carbon and water accounts for Macquarie Generation’s new supercritical 900MW NSW Bayswater 2 coal project show 2000ha solar field

Posted by gmarkets on 26 September, 2007

Grant Every-Burns, CEO of Macquarie Generation, in a submission to Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, said the proposed new coal plant – the Bayswater 2 project plan – used “the latest available and proven ultra supercritical plant design and would be the first of its kind in Australia. He said “The 900 MW unit size can be designed with dry cooling and delivers significant scale economies over 660 MW or 750 MW designs. The plant would operate at steam temperatures in the order of 600-620 degrees Celsius with steam pressures of approximately 280 Bar. This technology would reduce greenhouse emission by about 15pc below current best practice in New South Wales as low as 0.8 to 0.83 tonnes/MWh of electricity sent out.

Proposed hybrid cooling system: The proposed hybrid cooling system for the Bayswater 2 project would use dry cooling with some evaporative cooling when ambient temperatures rise to levels that reduce the plants thermal efficiency. High thermal efficiencies can be maintained year round while capping water consumption to just a few per cent of all evaporative cooling.

The carbon accounts: “The project has the potential to integrate gas fired plant with the waste heat used to heat feed water in the baseload unit. This offers the scope for significant further reductions in per unit emissions.

200 hectares of solar widgetry: Macquarie Generation is currently hosting a trial of a solar thermal energy system at its Liddell Power Station. Based on the experience with this facility, Macquarie Generation would set aside a substantial area, perhaps in excess of 200 hectares, next to the Bayswater 2 project to allow the development of a major solar thermal collector field. Solar collectors, either parabolic-dish, -trough or of the central-tower type, could then be used to heat boiler feedwater.

Reference: Submission to Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, Macquarie Generation. G V Every-Burns, Chief Executive and Managing Director, 29 June 2007. PHone: +61 2 4968 7499 Fax +61 2 4968 7433 Website:

Erisk Net, 29/6/2007


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