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PM spruiks climate ‘Action’

Posted by gmarkets on 25 September, 2007

“My department is today issuing a discussion paper on maintaining abatement incentives in the lead-up to emissions trading, which we aim to commence in 2011,” Australian Prime Minister John Howard announced yesterday.

No-pain policy? “The Government wants to ensure that firms undertaking emissions abatement are not disadvantaged ahead of the scheme commencing. We also want to explore the scope for positive incentives to undertake new, additional abatement”.

Final details in 2008: “Our decision to establish a national emissions trading scheme entails detailed design on a highly complex issue. It is a significant economic reform and one which we have to get right through rigorous modelling and analysis. This discussion paper is part of the design process that will see key details of the emissions trading scheme finalised in 2008”.

States support needed: “The scheme will now be complemented by the national Clean Energy Target I announced yesterday and on which I have written to Premiers and Chief Ministers seeking their cooperation.”

Discussion paper online: As part of the consultation process for the design of Australia’s emissions trading scheme, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) has released for public comment a discussion paper on Abatement Incentives Prior to the Commencement of the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme (pdf link) for public comment.

Focus on “incentives”: The discussion paper addresses incentives for firms to pursue abatement in the period leading up to the commencement of emissions trading, including proposals for:

  • arrangements to ensure firms are not disadvantaged in their permit allocations for undertaking new abatement prior to the emissions trading start date;
  • defining ‘existing assets’ eligible for compensation for disproportionate loss; and
  • providing incentives for new, additional abatement prior to the commencement of the emissions trading scheme.

Have your say: Organisations and individuals were invited to submit their views on the issues and proposals contained in the discussion paper.

Roll up, one and all: Discussions with domestic stakeholders and international partners will occur over the coming months, concluding in early December 2007. It is expected that public meetings will be conducted in late October. Details of dates and venues will be posted on Stakeholders Consultation page when available.

A free public briefing will be offered on the discussion paper from 2:00 to 3:30 pm Wednesday 26 September 2007 in the Arthur Streeton Room at Rydges Capital Hill, Cnr Canberra Avenue and National Circuit, Forrest, Canberra. Please RVSP via the contacts below by midday Tuesday 25 September 2007 (please limit representation from an organisation to two representatives). The presentation made at the briefing will be placed on this website following the briefing.

Submission guidelines: Where possible, submissions to this discussion paper should follow the guidelines below, and be lodged electronically via email, preferably in Microsoft Word or other text based formats. Submissions should be forwarded to the Climate Change Group (CCG) by 1 December 2007 at:

Submissions may also be sent to:

Climate Change Group
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
PO Box 6500

If you have any queries, please contact the Climate Change Group on telephone +61 2 6271 5215.

Guidelines for submissions

  • Submissions should be clearly marked “submission”. Correspondence to the CCG will not be considered a submission unless it is marked as such.
  • All submissions, including the names of the submitters, will be made publicly available on this website after the close of submissions and may be used by the CCG in subsequent publications unless the submitter requests that the submission, or part of it, be treated as confidential. Where only part of a submission is confidential, it would assist the CCG if the submitting party could provide a different version of the submission, with confidential material deleted, to be placed on this website.
  • It is requested that submitters provide contact details with their submission. As these personal details (apart from the submitter’s name) will be treated confidentially, please provide them on a separate page (cover page) to the submission. If submitters require that their name remain confidential as well, they must make a specific request, at the time of lodging your submission, that your name not be made public.
  • The CCG reserves the right not to consider late submissions.
  • Submissions will be acknowledged with a receipt via email (or post if email is not available).

Please limit email attachments to 5MB in size (total). Internet and email are not secure mediums to transfer information. If you have concerns about using this form or if your submission is sensitive, please use the postal address provided (and include an electronic copy on disk or CD). Please see the Privacy Statement for more details concerning the collection, use and disclosure of information gathered via this website. The Privacy Statement is subject to the above information concerning submissions and the names of submitters being made public.

Reference: ‘Climate Change: Emissions Trading Scheme’ ‘Early Action – Abatement incentives prior to the commencement of the Australian Emissions Trading Scheme’

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