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Online CDM Bazaar: information exchange web portal for Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism buyers, sellers and service providers

Posted by gmarkets on 25 September, 2007

The CDM (clean development mechanism) Bazaar was designed by the carbon finance team at the UNEP RISOE Centre in Denmark in cooperation with the UNFCCC secretariat, according to spokesperson Nick Nuttall.

Networking initiative helps share benefits: The website allowed stakeholders in the CDM to post information, such as potential emission reduction projects looking for financing, CERs available for sale, buyers looking for carbon credits to purchase, services available, carbon market related events, and employment opportunities. Achim Steiner, UN Under-Secretary-General and UNEP Executive Director, said: “The CDM is playing an important role in meeting the climate change challenge. However, if the benefits are to be more widely shared, especially in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa, more efforts need to be put into building developing-country capacity. The CDM Bazaar is therefore a very welcome new networking initiative with the potential to complement and perhaps broaden the impacts of the physical carbon fairs and Expos now emerging in parts of the world.”

Information exchange, not trading platform: By posting on the CDM Bazaar the CERs they have for sale, developing-country CDM project proponents could expect competitive offers from carbon credit buyers. The website is not, however, meant to be a trading platform for CERs, but rather an information exchange platform designed to create opportunities for CER buyers and sellers and CDM service providers.

Reference: Daniele Violetti, Team Leader, Registration and Issuance, Clean Development Mechanism, UNFCCC. Phone: +49 228 815 1610. Email:
Nick Nuttall, Spokesperson UNEP. Phone: +254 20 7623084. Mobile: +254 733 632755. Email:
Sami Kamel, Carbon Finance Coordinator, UNEP Risoe Centre on Energy, Climate and Sustainable Development. Phone: +45 46 77 51 81. Mobile: +45 2261 5103. Email: See also:

Erisk Net, 23/9/2007


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