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Greenhouse Bill debate: “PM, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources – leading the world in climate change—”just who do they think they are kidding?”

Posted by gmarkets on 25 September, 2007

Mr Steve Gibbons Victorian, federal member for Bendigo, speaking 12 September 2007 to the debate on the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Bill 2007 said “All the Howard government have had to offer this country on climate change is 11 years of delay, denial and inaction.

They had:

• refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol despite their own Minister for the Environment negotiating more favourable terms than any other country;

• failed to provide the certainty demanded by business, by not setting emission targets or a price on carbon;

• emasculated the mandatory renewable energy target;

• refused to model the economic impact on Australia of a failure to expediently reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and

• denied our manufacturing industry the opportunity to fully participate in the new global market for lowemission technologies”.

The joker is me: “The Prime Minister and the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources like to portray their government as leading the world in climate change—but just who do they think they are kidding?

• We are the second highest emitters of greenhouse gases on a per capita basis after the United States;

• emissions have grown at twice the global average, and we have a pathetic renewable energy target that will add less than one per cent to our national energy supply by 2020.

“The much lauded Sydney APEC Leaders Declaration on Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Development agreed to at last week’s meeting calls for improvements in greenhouse emissions efficiency of 25 per cent by 2030. However, by 2030 Australia’s economy is likely to be some 75 per cent larger than it is now. Even if we are emitting 25 per cent less greenhouse gas per unit of GDP by then, we will still be pouring more into the atmosphere than we are now— and the government calls this leading the world!”.

Bill a sloppy rush: “The Bill we have before us today is sloppy, rushed and riddled with problems. There was no consultation with state governments, industry bodies or environmental groups, and all of those stakeholders identified problems with the bill during the Senate committee’s inquiry. Reporting thresholds that are too high, time frames that are too slow and inconsistency with previous agreements between the states and the federal government are just some of the issues that were raised”.

Reference: Steve Gibbons, Member for Bendigo, Australian Labor Party, House of Representative, Commonwealth of Australia, 12 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 22/9/2007


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