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Federal government’s $25 million pre-election “climate change” advertising campaign part of two hundred million dollars pre-election spending

Posted by gmarkets on 25 September, 2007

Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills, Australian Labor Party, speaking to the Commonwealth, House of Representatives, 17 September 2007 said the government had launched a new climate change initiative, it was not ratifying Kyoto, bringing in emissions trading or lifting the renewable energy target— all of which would be useful— but, you guessed it, an advertising initiative: a $25 million climate change advertising campaign.

Pre election cash – splash: Thomson – for the Opposition – said “Since the last election we have seen;

• $93 million spent advertising Work Choices,;

• $63 million spent on superannuation advertising;

• $27 million spent advertising private health insurance; and the

• $25 million climate change campaign.

Two hundred million dollars of taxpayers’ money Thomson said; “With apologies to Winston Churchill, never before has so much money been hosed up against a wall by so few in so short a time”.

Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills, Australian Labor Party, House of Representatives, Commonwealth, 17 September 2007

Erisk Net, 17/9/2007


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