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Green power politics: Ireland’s Green Party to back Govt after winning pledge to cut carbon emissions, introduce carbon levy

Posted by gmarkets on 20 September, 2007

Ireland’s Green Party voted overwhelmingly to back a coalition deal that put them in government for the first time and guarantees a third term for Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, reported The Australian (15/6/2007, p.8). Greens hold on as other parties falter: The Greens had been widely expected to join up with the main opposition party Fine Gael and left-leaning Labour following the election in a so-called “rainbow coalition” designed to oust Ahern after a decade in power.

Greens back Govt in return for green policies: However, the three parties did not win enough seats between them to form a majority and the Greens opted to talk to Ahern in the hope of getting some of their policies implemented. The party said it has won pledges to cut carbon emissions, introduce a carbon levy and provide insulation grants.

Condition: annual carbon progress report: Ahern’s finance minister, Brian Cowen, who was expected to stay on in his job assuming Ahern lead the next government, would also have to deliver an annual carbon progress report.

The Australian, 15/6/2007, p. 8

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