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Great Aussie backyard burn-off banned: NSW Govt plan to clean up air quality in metropolitan Sydney

Posted by gmarkets on 20 September, 2007

The great Aussie backyard burn-off has been banned under a State Government plan to clean up air quality in metropolitan NSW, reported The Daily Telegraph (5/9/2007, p.7).

Only exceptions are ecological burnoffs and filming companies: In the past residents and councils looking to build a bonfire to burn off green waste have had to apply for a permit but now there were only two exception to the no-burn rule: ecological burns or film companies creating special effects.

Relief from smoggy cocktail: With Sydney currently suffering up to 20 high pollution days a year, health and environment groups welcomed the move, saying smoky skies were a contributor to air pollution. “If you burn garden waste or wood you are releasing a whole chemical cocktail up into the air, it becomes part of the air that somebody else breathes,” Asthma NSW chief executive Greg Smith said.

Fines range from $500-$5500: Minister Assisting the Minister for Health and Climate Change Verity Firth said no Sydney metropolitan resident or council would be allowed to burn off weeds or green waste. Sydney residents who light a backyard fire will face fines ranging from $500 to $5500. The restrictions affect the majority of local government areas in Sydney including Ashfield, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Kuring-gai, Pittwater and Sutherland.

The Daily Telegraph, 5/9/2007, p. 7

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