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Federal Court case: Monaro district grazier seeks billions of dollars in compensation from Fed Govt for carbon credit payments denied to farmers

Posted by gmarkets on 20 September, 2007

The bid in the Federal Court by Monaro district grazier, Peter Spencer, to seek billions of dollars in compensation from the Federal Government for carbon credit payments denied to farmers, was to come up for a further hearing in Canberra on 31 August, reported The Land (30/8/2007, p.14). Farmers “owed” billions in carbon credits: The Government failed to have the action struck out at a hearing on 19 July but could again seek to do so now. Spencer, a leader of the Commonwealth Property Protection Association (CPPA), was claiming farmers who have been unable to clear native vegetation because of government land clearing restrictions are owed billions of dollars in carbon credits.

Farmers in tree-chopping swipe at Feds: The Federal Government has acknowledged tree clearing bans have allowed Australia to be in the race to meet its Kyoto targets for greenhouse gas reductions. The CPPA was behind the “chop a tree” campaign in which hundreds of farmers claimed to have started from 1 July to chop down an increasing number of trees every day in protest against land clearing laws which restrict their ability to use their land productively.

NSW Govt landscape approach panned: CPPA spokesman, Alistair McRobert of Cobar, who was a Western Division delegate to the NSW Farmers Association annual conference last month, was sceptical at comments made there by NSW Minister for Climate Change, Environment and Water, Phil Koperberg, who said he was considering a landscape rather than property based approach to native vegetation management.

The Land, 30/8/2007, p. 14

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