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Victoria high-efficiency washing machine water rebate has no mechanisms to enable people to claim the rebate

Posted by gmarkets on 19 September, 2007

Although former Premier Steve Bracks announced a rebate for high efficiency washing machines in April, nobody knows anything about the scheme said Peter Hall, Member for Eastern Victoria Region in the Victorian Legislative Council on 8 August 2007. Former Premier announced rebate scheme: Hall challenged the Minister for Water to resolve a problem for a constituent, explaining that the previous Minister had indicated that there was a water rebate available for high-efficiency washing machines, and that the Premier had announced that on 17 April this year. “He advised that the rebate was for $100 and that the organisation administering that scheme was Sustainability Victoria. The minister also referred to two other sources of information, a website and my local water authority, Gippsland Water, and gave a contact number for Gippsland Water.”

Scheme unknown: Hall proceeded to relate how he “dutifully then advised my constituent that he was in luck and that that was the case. He then made inquiries on the website and found no mention whatsoever of any such rebate on that site. He also rang Gippsland Water and Sustainability Victoria without any success. They had no knowledge of any such scheme. My constituent came back and reported this to me. I said, ‘This can’t be the case. I will do it myself’.”

Minister challenged to throw light on scheme’s operation: After recounting how he had gone through the same process without success, Hall said: “I then rang Sustainability Victoria, and the phone call was returned the following day by somebody who had some knowledge of the matter. Their knowledge extended to the fact that they knew that the then Premier had made an announcement on 17 April about this matter, but they had no knowledge of and had received no direction from government about how and when this scheme would operate. We are left in the dark. Despite the advice from the then water minister on 18 July to me that a scheme exists, nobody knows about it. My challenge to the new Minister for Water is, first of all, for him to put in place as a matter of urgency the mechanisms to enable people to claim the rebate promised by the then Premier on 17 April this year, and then perhaps he will have the courtesy to advise me how my constituent can go about actually applying for and getting his $100 rebate.”

Reference: Peter Hall, Member for Eastern Victoria Region ,National Party Spokesman for Education, Skills and Employment, Members Statements Legislative Council Proof, Victoria, 8 August 2007

One Response to “Victoria high-efficiency washing machine water rebate has no mechanisms to enable people to claim the rebate”

  1. Adam said

    I am aso interested – has there been any response or follow-up on this?

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