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Government Measures are expected to reduce Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 87 million tonnes by 2010, says Federal Environment Minister

Posted by gmarkets on 19 September, 2007

Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Malcolm Turnbull, answering a series of written questions from Labor MP Kelvin Thomson in the Federal House of Representatives on 11 September 2007, said he was aware of the findings of the ABARE report Economic Impact of Climate Change Policy, which models a decrease in emissions of 50 per cent of 1990 levels by 2050; and of a number of other reports which model the cost of reducing emissions within other timeframes.

$170m climate change initiative: Turnbull said: “The Climate Change Risk and Vulnerability report released by Senator Campbell in 2005 identifies key risks for Australian society and industry and underpins the Australian Government’s recently announced $170 million initiative on adaptation to climate change impacts.”

Balanced reduction of greenhouse gases: Turnbull affirmed that it was his objective to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Projections provided in the Tracking to the Kyoto Target 2006 report indicate that Government measures are expected to reduce Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by 87 million tonnes by 2010,” he said. “Australia has relatively high rates of economic growth and there is strong international demand for Australia’s resources. The Government’s objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining our economic prosperity.”

Biodiversity as priority: “The 2007 report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by its Working Group 2 (Chapter 11) reviews the projected impacts of climate change on a range of Australian species and ecosystems,” said Turnbull. “The new $126 million Australian Government Centre for Climate Change Adaptation will focus on biodiversity as a priority area.”

Reference: Kelvin Thomson, Member for Wills, Australian Labor Party, House of Representatives, Commonwealth; Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Member for Wentworth, Liberal Party of Australia, House of Representatives, Commonwealth, 11 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 11/9/2007

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