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Posted by gmarkets on 19 September, 2007

Return of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Roof gardens a new green statement Roof gardens had become the latest architectural statement, reported The Australian (15/9/2007, p. 1). Market gardens in the sky: Even celebrity gardener Jamie Durie was getting in on the act, the newspaper reported. Durie’s company, Patio, was currently working, or had worked, on roof garden projects in Sydney, New York and Chicago, where they had already cottoned on to the idea with greater gusto. In Chicago the Department of Environ­ment had been giving away $5000 grants to building owners who wanted to start a green roof project. One New York entrepreneur, Ali Zabar, supplied his restaurants and grocery store with vegetables he grew in greenhouse gardens on the roofs of his New York establishments. He employed two farmers full-time to tend 2000sqm of sky gardens.

Self-sufficiency aim of eco city: “Leading the way on a larger scale, however, will be Dongtan, at the mouth of the Yangtse River on China’s third largest island, Chongming,” said The Australian. “It will be the world’s first purpose-built eco­city and stage one will be built in the next four years — when Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. Buildings will be no more than eight storeys high, with gardens on their roofs. It will be pedestrian friendly and generate all its own energy needs. Meanwhile, most of the city’s waste will be recycled and organic waste will be composted or burnt in incinerators to generate electricity.”

The Australian, 15/9/2007, p. 1

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