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South Australia nearly doubles green power subscribers, more than trebles megawatt hours in past year

Posted by gmarkets on 18 September, 2007

South Australia had recorded the biggest growth in the nation in green power consumption in the past year, reported The Advertiser (14/9/2007, p.3).

24,000t of greenhouse gases avoided: The number of SA households and businesses which had subscribed to electricity produced by renewable sources, such as wind or solar power, had doubled since June 2006, the newspaper reported. During the same period the number of green power generated megawatt hours consumed had more than tripled. The use of renewable sources – which unlike coal-fired electricity plants, did not emit greenhouse gas emissions – would save 24,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. It was equal to taking 3400 cars off the road.

Exponential growth of green energy: Origin Energy retail general manager Phil Craig said subscription of green energy plans had increased exponentially since it became available 10 years ago. “In the last 12 to 18 months, the issue of climate change, linked with the drought, has become so important in people’s minds,” he said. “People are looking at their energy consumption and green energy products have started to make more sense.” In South Australia, 36,095 households and businesses subscribed to green electricity, consuming 6940 megawatt hours at the end of the June quarter, 2006. This year, 63,791 households and businesses were buying green power, consuming 23,694 megawatt hours. Western Australia had the nation’s second largest consumption growth in the past year, purchasing 2.5 times as much green power as it did in the previous year. New South Wales and Victoria both consumed 1.6 times as much green power in June as they did at the same time last year.

The Advertiser, 14/9/2007, p. 3


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