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South Australia’s Electricity Supply Industry Act amended: allows electricity generated by small photovoltaic generator to be fed into network

Posted by gmarkets on 17 September, 2007

South Australia’s Minister for Energuy P.F. Conlon outlined provisions of amendments to Part 3 of the Electricity Supply Industry Act in South Australia’s House of Assembly on 12 September 2007. Definitions: The Minister said: “The following definitions are relevant to the operation of this Division:

• domestic customer means a customer—(a) who acquires electricity primarily for domestic use; and (b) who satisfies other criteria (if any) prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition;

• excluded network means a distribution network that supplies electricity to less than 10 000 domestic customers;

• qualifying generator means a small photovoltaic generator — (a) that is operated by a domestic customer; and (b) that complies with Australian Standard AS 4777 (as in force from time to time or as substituted from time to time); and (c) that is connected to a distribution network in a manner that allows electricity generated by the small photovoltaic generator to be fed into the network, other than where the distribution network is an excluded network; and

• small photovoltaic generator means a photovoltaic system with capacity up to 10kVA for a single phase connection and up to 30kVA for a three phase connection.”

Domestic users able to feed electricity to network: “The Division will make it a condition of an existing or future licence authorising the operation of a distribution network, other than an excluded network, that the holder of the licence will allow a domestic customer to feed electricity into the network through the use of a qualifying generator,” the Minister said. “A domestic customer who qualifies under this scheme will be credited with $0.44 per kWh. It will then be a condition of the licence of the electricity entity that sells electricity as a retailer to the domestic customer (including a licence on the commencement of this measure) that the credit will be reflected in the charges payable by the domestic customer for the supply of electricity.”

Reference: P.F. Conlon, Minister for Energy, House of Assembly, South Australia, 12 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 16/9/2007


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