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Macquarie Generation reveals giant solar plans, State CO2 dump policy, and plans for man-made mountains of solidified CO2

Posted by gmarkets on 17 September, 2007

A submission to Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, by Grant Every-Burns, Chief Executive and Managing Director of Macquarie Generation shows Macquarie plans for credit-earning solar power, and for credit-earning CO2 dump projects and also new plans for man-made mountains of solidified CO2.

The Solar plan: “If financially viable, the provision of 200 hectares of solar collectors would reduce coal consumption by around 100,000 tonnes. This would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 180,000 tonnes or more than 3 per cent of what they would otherwise be from each 900 MW generating unit. In turn, the greenhouse gas emissions per unit of electricity sent out from Bayswater 2 would fall from around 0.8 tonnes to 0.775 tonnes/MWh.

All three State generators plan CO2 dumps: The three New South Wales State owned generators are currently working on a joint project to determine the availability of suitable geosequestration sites inside New South Wales. This work included;

• preliminary investigations into the availability of coal seam storage;

• and deep saline aquifer storage potential inside New South Wales.

Plans for NSW CO2 sump site: According to the submission “To date the areas which are showing some potential include deep coal seams in the Gunnedah Basin and large saline aquifers in the Darling Basin west of Cobar.

State-funded CO2 dump plans: “This work, commissioned by the three New South Wales State owned generators with the assistance of the Department of Primary Industries has indicated that there may be a need to reassess previous views and opinions which inferred that New South Wales was without any significant potential for major geosequestration.

CO2 dump working party:The New South Wales State owned generation businesses, coal industry participants, the Department of Primary Industries, and the Department of Water and Energy have established a working party to commission significant further research and potential trial drilling and injection over the next few years.

Man-made mountain plan by Macgen: Macquarie Generation is also considering potential trials by the CSIRO into a locally conceived process, an integrated one that would, if proven, see carbon dioxide permanently sequestered using minerals that are abundant in New South Wales, and be free of the concerns associated with securing the permanent storage of carbon dioxide as pressurised gas. The process if proven promises even lower sent out electricity prices and deployment perhaps by 2025.

Reference: Submission to Owen Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW, Macquarie Generation. G V Every-Burns, Chief Executive and Managing Dierector, 29 June 2007. PHone: +61 2 4968 7499 Fax +61 2 4968 7433 Website:

Erisk Net, 29/6/2007


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