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Customer response uncertain, but innovative South Australian scheme to feed photovoltaic power into grid starts 1 July 2008

Posted by gmarkets on 17 September, 2007

The South Australian government was taking a measured approach to a scheme to allow photovoltaic generators to feed electricity into the network, Minister for Energy P.F. Conlon said in the South Australian House of Assembly on 12 September 2007.

A first for Australia: Conlon said: “There has been some criticism that this scheme should have gone further by providing a higher rebate for a longer period, and applied to gross production. As this is a new policy of this kind for Australia, we cannot be certain how customers will respond until it has had a chance to operate. Therefore, the Government has determined that it will review the scheme’s operation after the first two and a half years or when the installed capacity of residential small-scale grid connected solar PV systems reaches 10 Mega Watts, whichever comes first.”

Five-year scheme: “In order to deal with ever changing technologies and Federal Government policies, it has been decided that the scheme will be of 5 years duration and be reviewed in order to assess how effective the scheme has been and to accommodate this changing environment,” Conlon said. “Realising that electricity retailers and the distributor will require some time to establish the processes, it is expected that the scheme would commence no later than 1 July 2008. We are hopeful, however, that retailers and the distributor would be able to put required changes in place earlier than 1 July 2008. Regardless of the commencement date, the scheme will conclude on 30 June 2013, which will allow householders to take advantage of the full five years of rebates under the scheme. In conclusion, the scheme will enhance the State’s international reputation for leading the response to climate change, by playing to our strength in renewable energy generally and, in this case, in deployment of solar energy for homes.”

Reference: P.F. Conlon, Minister for Energy, House of Assembly, South Australia, 12 September 2007.

Erisk Net, 16/9/2007


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