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Australia claims APEC carbon trade: 20 million hectares Asia-Pacific reforestation by 2020. 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon

Posted by gmarkets on 17 September, 2007

 The government was trying to sell the APEC summit as producing tangible outcomes, not just an esoteric debate about aspirational goals and no binding targets, reported The Australian Financial Review (10/9/2007, p. 14).

APEC has set specific goals: The government strategy was based on the fact that APEC itself had set energy efficiency and reforestation targets that Foreign Minister Alexander Downer yesterday said were “specific goals that mean things to people”, the newspaper said.

A major step forward? According to The Australian Financial Review: “These goals include reforesting a minimum of 20 million hectares in the Asia-Pacific region by 2020 (which would absorb about 1.4 billion tonnes of carbon, which is 11 per cent of the annual total CO2 emissions of the world) and improving energy efficiency in APEC countries by 25 per cent by 2030.

The Australian Financial Review, 10/9/2007, p. 14

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