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WA state government and Local Government Association form new climate partnership

Posted by gmarkets on 15 September, 2007

The state government and local government had entered a major partnership agreement focusing on climate change and sustainability issues, announced Western Australian Minister for the Environment David Templeman in the Legislative Assembly on 14 August 2007.

Joint action on climate change and sustainability: “At the WA Local Government Association convention on 6 August 2007,” the Minister said, “I signed the agreement on behalf of the state government, along with Bill Mitchell, president of the Western Australian Local Government Association, and Eric Lumsden, president of Local Government Managers Australia. This groundbreaking agreement, which has been developed in very close collaboration with WALGA on behalf of local government, aims to ensure closer communication, collaboration and joint action on a diverse range of climate change and sustainability matters that are of mutual interest and concern to both spheres of government.”

Local government achievements recognised: “The agreement reflects the spirit and substance of the peak partnership agreements signed in 2002 and 2004,” Templeman said, “which foster cooperation and communication between the state government and local government. It also complements the Premier’s climate change action statement released in May of this year. The agreement is an indication of the importance the Carpenter government attaches to collectively addressing the wide spectrum of matters on the sustainability agenda, with a particular focus on the increasingly critical issue of climate change. Local government is to be congratulated on its achievements to date in addressing sustainability in the areas of waste management, biodiversity protection, natural resource management, energy and water conservation, community health, housing and other infrastructure development.”

New council to meet twice a year: “The new agreement signals a commitment by the Carpenter government to take a more significant leadership role in encouraging and facilitating further policy and best practice,” the Minister said. “Under the agreement a state-local government climate change and sustainability council will be formed, with high-level representation from state and local government. I will chair this body, which will meet twice a year to address strategic directions. It will provide the opportunity for significant matters to be considered at the highest levels of state and local government and for joint policies and actions to be developed and implemented.”

Reference: Mr David A. Templeman, Minister for the Environment, Member for Mandurah, ALP, Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, Hansard, 14 August 2007. A copy of these proceedings can be accessed at


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