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NSW carbon trading scheme on brink of collapse: jobs, companies at risk because of govt inaction, says millionaire Easy Being Green chief

Posted by gmarkets on 15 September, 2007

The NSW carbon trading scheme was on the brink of collapse as the falling price of credits looked likely to send several companies to the wall, reported The Age (13/9/2007, p.4).

Undermining CO2 efforts: “The announcement of a federal emissions trading scheme has caused the price of carbon credits to plunge from $12 to $6. This was undermining companies such as Easy Being Green, which helped households cut greenhouse gas emissions in return for carbon credits. Easy Being Green would hold a rally in Sydney, expected to be attended by hundreds of people protesting against the NSW Government’s decision not to bolster the Greenhouse Gas Abatement scheme”.

Govt inaction: “More than 1000 jobs would be lost through the collapse of the scheme, Easy Being Green chief executive Paul Gilding said. “The purpose of our company is not to make money but to cut carbon,” he said. “The real tragedy is that next year there will be 10 million tonnes of carbon that won’t be cut because this policy, which has been successful, will be scrapped. We know how to cut emissions, we have distributed 10 million low-energy light globes to NSW homes, saved households over $150 million a year off energy bills, but we can’t do it at the current prices. It is outrageous that the NSW Government hasn’t done more to extend the scheme.”

The Age, 13/9/2007, p. 4

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