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Forty-one-second clip of APEC antics incident on The Chaser MySpace page receives more than 50,000 hits

Posted by gmarkets on 15 September, 2007

Team members from The Chaser said their APEC motorcade stunt was a silly gag gone wrong and that they had “never expected to get past the front gate,” reported The Sydney Morning Herald (12/9/2007, p.6). The fake motorcade has polarised public opinion – with the ABC receiving 266 complaints and 177 letters, phone calls and emails expressing appreciation, and radio talkback callers jamming switchboards in an effort to have their say. A 41 second clip of the incident had received more than 50,000 hits by Sunday night. Dumbfounded by lack of security: Chas Licciardello and Julian Morrow said they were shocked their convoy of black cars bearing Canadian flags and second-hand motorbikes had made it into the restricted zone last Thursday. “We were absolutely sure we would never get past the first checkpoint,” Licciardello, who dressed up in an Osama bin Laden costume for the stunt said. “It was panic stations when we realised. We looked up and saw the Opera House and said we can drive all the way down there or we can turn around now and not get arrested. It was a stupid gag that backfired.”

APEC-specific charge has 6-month potential jail sentence: Morrow and Licciardello maintain that they turned around voluntarily and were heading out of the restricted zone when police stopped them. The pair and their crew of nine were arrested and charged with entering a restricted area without justification under the APEC Act – a charge that carried a maximum jail sentence of six months.


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