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Victorian Minister for Energy starts public CO2 dump consultation: Strategic Policy Framework for Near Zero Emissions from Latrobe Brown Coal.

Posted by gmarkets on 10 September, 2007

Minister for Energy and Resources, Peter Batchelor invited Victorians to have their say on developing a strategy to cut greenhouse emissions from Latrobe Valley brown coal to near zero, in a Victorian Ministry for Energy and Resources Media Release on 24 August 2007. CO2 dump to keep Latrobe Valley clean: “I’m inviting the community to be involved in creating a strategic blueprint that could achieve near zero net greenhouse gas emissions from brown coal,” Batchelor said. “The proposed strategy would investigate the introduction of carbon capture and storage (CCS) or geosequestration technologies, one of the options the government is investigating to tackle climate change. The innovation and development of technologies to allow for the responsible harnessing of the rich resources in Victoria, will help ensure the Latrobe Valley’s long term role as a major power generator, and the future prosperity of the region and the whole State.”

Issues paper released: Carbon capture and storage was a process of capturing carbon dioxide and placing it into permanent storage in deep geological structures such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs or deep saline aquifers, the media release explained. Batchelor was in the Latrobe Valley releasing the issues paper Strategic Policy Framework for Near Zero Emissions from Latrobe Brown Coal.

Aim is “environmentally sustainable” use of coal: Batchelor said the Government recognised that addressing climate change meant addressing brown coal emissions through clean coal technology as well as investing in renewable energy targets, energy efficiency and a national emissions trading scheme. “The Victorian Government is committed to an ambitious long term target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050,” Batchelor said. “Carbon capture and storage is a technology that might help us achieve such cuts while securing the economic future and jobs in the Latrobe Valley. For the Latrobe valley to become a hub of economically and environmentally viable energy production and brown coal development, new technologies must allow us to use coal in an environmentally sustainable way.”

Investment depends on managing emissions: “The paper explains a possible role for carbon capture and storage, and also the advantage of the Latrobe Valley being close to geologically suitable storage sites beneath Bass Strait,” Batchelor said. “Huge potential projects rest on our coal – Monash Energy is considering a $5 billion investment in the Latrobe Valley to make cleaner burning diesel from our coal. However, this process too, depends on a viable method for managing emissions.” Mr Batchelor invited discussion on the issues raised in the paper and said that feedback would contribute towards a new Brumby Government policy to facilitate a near zero impact from greenhouse gas emissions from Victorian brown coal.

Media contact: Dan Ward. Mobile: 0407 138 680. Phone: 9651 5799. Web:

Reference: Victorian Ministry for Energy and Resources, Media Release, Friday, 24 August 2007!OpenDocument

Erisk Net, 10/9/2007

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