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WA Parliament investigates allegations MPs used by lobbyists to orchestrate inquiry

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

There was no shortage of wrecked reputations in the West Australian Parliament, thanks to the work of the Corruption and Crime Commission, wrote Amanda O’Brien in The Australian (25/8/2007, p.29). Test of credibility: But it was anyone’s guess what would happen when three Upper House MPs, who appeared to have usurped the functions of the corruption watchdog, were due to report on two of their colleagues linked to disgraced lobbyists Brian Burke and Noel Crichton-Browne. There’s been little fanfare but the outcome would be a test of credibility for parliament after it blocked the CCC from investigating the same issue.

Secret hearings: The MPs have spent almost five months investigating allegations that Liberal Anthony Fels and Labor’s Shelley Archer were used by the two lobbyists to try to orchestrate a parliamentary inquiry to benefit a client. Their hearings have been in secret and members were prohibited from saying who has been interviewed or indeed if findings would be made in relation to Burke and Crichton-Browne.

Parliamentary train-wreck: “On Thursday we should find out, assuming they don’t seek another extension. Parliament already looks like a train wreck, with standards so low anyone can jump over them. Sacked ministers, an MP on a four-month suspension, another who resigned after barely turning up for a year, others caught out for incompetence and poor judgment, and far too many apologies,” O’Brien added.

The Australian, 25/8/2007, p. 29


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