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US has no plans for APEC to signal defining moment in global climate change, Bush to return home early to prepare for General Petraeus’ Iraq plans

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

ON climate change, APEC had been relegated to curtain raiser for the US-led initiative and the UN conference in Bali in December.As a group of countries, APEC members had little in common on climate change and would struggle to deliver on cuts because there was no joint position, according to a leader editorial in The Australian (28/8/2007, p.13). APEC climate shift unlikely; meeting later in US: The promise that APEC could provide the opportunity for a historic climate change declaration, involving the US and China, had been overtaken by US president Bush’s decision to host his own initiative, bringing together major world economies at a gathering in Washington in September.

Iraq concerns dog Bush: Like Prime Minister Howard and the Opposition Leader, however, Bush must negotiate his climate change position within the confines of domestic as well as international political constraints. Rather than use APEC to signal a defining moment in the global climate change debate, Bush will return home early to prepare for a presenta­tion by General David Petraeus to the US Congress of his assessment of the security and political situation in Iraq.

Don’t expect major APEC climate announcement: During his lightning visit, Bush would instead focus on a bilateral action plan for civil nuclear energy co­operation, including on research and development, regulatory issues, and skills and technical training.

The Australian, 28/8/2007, p. 13


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