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Sydney shutdown: Students to march through the city on 5 September along Elizabeth and Goulburn Streets from Belmore Park shortly after 1pm

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

“We have a rule of thumb in here. You don’t say it’s quiet, because as soon as you do something will happen,” said the traffic operations control chief, Colin Moore, reported The Sydney Morning Herald (1/9/07, p. 7). In charge of 3500 traffic lights in NSW: Moore is in charge of 3500 sets of traffic lights around the state. Large parts of the city would be cut off for private vehicles, and public transport services were to run on vastly different timetables, with train stations closed and bus stops moved several blocks out of the secure zone in the CBD And sensitive arteries such as the Cahill Expressway were to be reserved for dignitaries and their staff for extended periods.

21 world leaders in ‘green light corridor’: With 21 world leaders and the hundreds who make up their entourage, scores of official motorcades were expected to travel from Sydney Airport and the RAAF base at Richmond. Each one posed a security threat, and so each one would be given a “green light corridor” through the suburbs and into the APEC zone in the northern CBD.

Flicking green switch experience: “We work out the route they will take, the operators put up every set of signals along the route and we get a call for when it will start,” said the centre’s general manager, Phil Akers. “Then it is a matter of flicking the switch.” Akers said the centre had plenty of experience in turning lights green for heads of state visits and for organ donations – a task that could take place several times a week.

Student protesters permitted to march: A dedicated team would co-ordinate the motorcades. Students protesting against the US President, George Bush, while he is in Sydney for APEC have been given permission by police to march through the city on 5 September. Police had initially refused to allow the march to go ahead, citing security and disruption concerns. The students were expected to march along Elizabeth and Goulburn streets from Delmore Park shortly after 1pm.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 1/9/2007, p. 7

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