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“Stop Bush Coalition”, and political party, NSW Greens, may invoke Supreme Court, to fight “clear and systematic ban on the right to protest, during APEC”

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

Three planned, peaceful APEC demonstrations were banned by Police and Military in Sydney as unprecedented powers that allow police to target unruly protesters during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit came into effect, reported The Canberra Times, (31/8/2007), p. 8. The laws, which will remain in place until midnight September 12, allow police to; • search and detain people within restricted zones;

• set up checkpoints and prohibit certain items.

Government and police talk up violence? The Stop Bush Coalition which joined the NSW Greens protesting outside the NSW Government offices, 30 August, said the only people mentioning incidents of violence next week were the Government and police, reported The Canberra Times, (31/8/2007), p. 8

Court action to legally gain permission to march: The Stop Bush Coalition spokesman Alex Bainbridge said the group was standing firm on its proposed route for a peaceful protest, and would take court action to legally gain permission to march. “The option for the police if they don’t like the march route that we’ve taken is … take us to the Supreme Court. We have said we are more than happy to meet them on that ground. We believe our march route is reasonable and we would like them do that quickly.”

Student protest march banned: Bainbridge said;

• a student protest march arranged for Wednesday had also been ruled out – even though it would be five blocks away from a declared area;

• NSW Greens were told they are not permitted to stage “street theatre” in Martin Place during the APEC summit. “When you add up all of these things. it seems like a clear and systematic ban on the right to protest during APEC and we reject that,” Bainbridge said.

The Canberra Times, 31/8/2007, p. 8

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