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Secret anarchist book: how to avoid tear-gas, and bus-fares, during APEC summit

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

FLARE (For Liberation Autonomy Resistance Exodus) a group of APEC protestors were secretly plotting an outbreak of violence for US President George W. Bush’s arrival in Sydney, distributing a rioter’s training manual on how to wear gas masks, confront police and even evade fares, reported The Daily Telegraph (3/9/2007, p.1). Police clampdowns in city: The clandestine anarchist action, six weeks in the making, has been dubbed “FLARE in the void” and was described as an “Anti-APEC counter convergence”. Police were already on edge about security, yesterday clamping down on activity in the CBD – including forcing three German tourists to delete photographs they had of the security fence. And APEC-related arrests have already begun with the charging of 12 Greenpeace activists who boarded inflatable boats to paint “Australia Pushing Export Coal” on the side of a ship in Newcastle Harbour.

Violent intent: The FLARE (For Liberation Autonomy Resistance Exodus) manual, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, openly declared an intent to commit violence. It informed protestors engaging in “direct action” to form small groups of five to 15 people and to wear masks so they could not be identified. “It is important to defy police attempts to frighten us,” the so-called Mutiny Collective had written in one section.

Anti-gas precautions: The manual told rioters to wear gas masks, goggles, running shoes and full-body clothing to protect from tear gas and capsicum spray. It also advised carrying water and a bandanna soaked in vinegar to combat the effects of pepper spray. The busloads of interstate activists expected to descent on Sydney were also told how to evade public transport fares, including forcing their way through railway station ticket barriers.

The Daily Telegraph, 3/9/2007, p. 1

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