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Hobart residents may have poll on Tamar Valley pulp mill during October local government elections

Posted by gmarkets on 3 September, 2007

Hobart residents could be asked their opinion of the Tamar Valley pulp mill in the upcoming council elections, reported The Mercury (28/7/2007, p.13). State Govt may approve mill: Hobart City Council alderman Jeff Briscoe planned to move a motion at a council meeting for an electors’ poll on the issue. Briscoe said he had support from other councillors and would encourage other councils to follow suit if his bid was successful. Briscoe’s plan received a cool response from other councils. Councils can elect to hold polls on any issue if a majority of councillors agree or if presented with a petition signed by 5 per cent of electors or 1000 electors, whichever is the lesser. State Parliament was expected to approve the pulp mill late August. Local government elections will be conducted between 16 and 30 October.

The Mercury, 28/7/2007, p. 13

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